Ian Salter

Chemical Oceanographer, Ph.D.


Nóatún 1, P.O. Box 3051, FO-110 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
+298 35 39 00
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Ian started at Faroe Marine Research Institute in 2016.





Research projects:





Period: 2020-2024

Funding: Horizon2020

Participant from FAMRI: Ian Salter


Purpose: JERICO-S3 will provide a state-of-the-art, fit-for-purpose and visionary observational Research Infrastructure (RI), expertise and high-quality data on European coastal and shelf seas. The project will support world-class research, high-impact innovation and a window of European excellence worldwide. It will be structured regionally around 4 Pilot Super Sites (PSS) and 5 Integrated Regional Sites (IRS)

Environmental DNA monitoring for describing stock fluctuations of commercial demersal fish in Faroese waters


Period: 2020-2022

Funding: Fiskivinnuroyndir

Participant from FAMRI: Ian Salter


Purpose: The project represents an ongoing effort to develop the application of environmental DNA monitoring for commercially important fish species in Faroese waters. It builds on the results of two previously funded projects funded by fiskivinniroyndir: Cod-e-DNA and Bank-e-DNA that have shown quantitative eDNA monitoring can describe biomass dynamics of commercially important fish stocks. The project aims to consolidate the existing time-series over a 3 year period to build a 5-year time series of eDNA measurements on the Faroe Bank. Additionally it will aim to use the existing catalogue of samples, in addition to those collected as part of the future monitoring effort, to apply next generation sequencing approaches to study the entire community of marine fish on the Faroe Bank in order to see if stock patterns can be linked to ecosystem dynamics.

Nýtsla av umhvørvis-DNA í kanning av broytingum í toska-, hýsu- og upsanøgd á Føroyabanka


Period: 2019-2020

Funding: Fiskivinnuroyndir

Participant from FAMRI: Ian Salter


Purpose: eDNA er DNA, ið allar livandi verur lata út í umhvørvið. Frammanundan hevur eydnast at ávísa eDNA frá toski í sjónum og eisini er eydnast at ávísa eitt samband millum nøgdir av eDNA í sjónum og nøgdir av toski í nærumhvørvinum. Í hesari verkætlanini verður kannað, um tað eisini ber til at ávísa eDNA frá hýsu og upsa á Føroyabanka. Eisini verður kannað, um samband er millum nøgdirnar av eDNA í sjónum og nøgdirnar av hesum báðum fiskasløgunum í nærumhvørvinum. Um eitt slíkt samband kann ávísast, verður kannað, um til ber at nýta eDNA í sjónum til at ávísa broytingar í nøgdunum av toski, hýsu og upsa frá tíð til aðra á Bankanum.

Nýtsla av umhvørvis-DNA í kanningum av vistskipanum í havinumum (FAMEOS)


Period: 2018-2020

Funding: Granskingarráðið og Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Frankaríki

Participant from FAMRI: Ian Salter


Purpose: Endamálið er at leggja grundarlag fyri kanningum av lívfrøðiliga margfeldinum og vistskipanini á Landgrunninum við at nýta eDNA arbeiðsháttin.






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